Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Rabbit hole day

It is the fifth worldwide Rabbit Hole Day. So forget about normal blogs, and think laterally.

So, some levity. There is a famous paper on the mathematical theory of big game hunting, or how to catch a lion in Africa. As it was published in 1938, before O.R. existed as a discipline, other people have added their little bit to the original: so here are three ways that O.R. people and their allies catch lions.


Statisticians hunt the first animal they see N times and call it an lion.

Consultants don't hunt lions, and many have never hunted anything at all, but they can be hired by the hour to advise those people who do.

Operations research consultants can also measure the correlation of hat size and bullet color to efficiency of lion-hunting strategies, if someone else will only identify the lions.

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